Day 8- Bucket List item…. tick


Friday 6th January 2017

Today we were met by our personal guide called Joy, in the foyer of our hotel around 7.30am after we had grabbed a quick breakfast.

Joy accompanied us to the bus stop, and then waited patiently with us with about another 100+ other tourists while we awaited our turn to take the 30 minute drive up the mountain.

Whilst the bus wound its way up the mountain, we passed many people walking up from the town below. (Why anyone would walk  up the mountain when there were perfectly good bus’s i will never understand???)

After a half hour of travelling up very thin roads, breathing in as the bus’s passed each other on the clearings between the bends, we reached the main entrance to Machu Picchu.

Upon arrival Joy commenced his 2 1/2 hour personal tour, explaining the significance of all the inca village sections.


Once we climbed the first of MANY stairs we got our first glance at this ancient site. The morning was very misty, as it had been raining heavily all the night before and part of the morning. Fog and mist partially obscured the famous landmark. All our pictures in the morning were dark and mysterious (almost magical).

Our two and a half hour tour took us almost over the entire site except for the sun-gate, and the suspension bridge and i could say lack of time prevented us from making the vertical climb up huayna Picchu but that was more prevented by my fear of heights and falling to my death.


After our tour ended Joy took us to the exit near the main gate, and he arranged for our passports to be stamped with the Machu Picchu stamp.

Exhausted we stopped at the restaurant/cafe for lunch (ham & cheese croissants with a coke) and we took the time to check out our photos:


while we sat and ate our lunch we could see the mist rolling in and out of different parts of the hills that surrounded the site, so we decided to sit and wait for 40 odd minutes, to check out the souvenir shops and after the 40 minutes we would decide if we would call it a day and head down the mountain, or re-enter the site and do the climb again with the hope that the mist had lifted.

Be sure to sign up to follow the site to see what we decided to do….


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