Day 8- The answer to “why South America?”


Friday 6th January 2017- today i could answer the “why South America?” question that so many asked me.

Yes, it was true, i had never mentioned that  i wanted to go anywhere near South America so many people ( including me) were surprised when i mentioned i was going there.

Santiago Chile…………, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Aguas Callientes in Peru………….., and Playa Del Carmen in Mexico… it’s true….. i had no idea where these places were!

I truly had no knowledge of these places- so there was NO burning desire to see them……. honestly, i had no idea what would await me there………………..  but i DID know that when my husband mentioned he wanted to go to south america, it was something i shouldn’t reject!

The one thing that i brought back with me, after visiting Europe in 2014, was to keep an open mind to adventure and to not close myself to opportunities to grow as a person.

In Europe i found the realisation that an amazing life is out there in the blank spaces i didn’t know existed, and the knowledge that if i only went to places i knew of, then i would miss SO MANY breathtaking, amazing, experiences!

I learned the answer to “Why South America” when i learned the answer to my own question “What’s Cinque Terre? back in 2014.

(Cinque Terre was a collection of 5 little villages on the side of a mountain range in Tuscany Italy, a place difficult to get to, the inconvenience of getting off the fast train circuit, 4 regional trains to get there…..a place my hubby had on his bucketlist…….. AND cinque Terre was the place i tested myself the most.)

I completed my very first mountain trek there ( the 2 hour trek from Vernazza to Corniglia) that i thought i couldn’t possibly do, yet alone do by myself while hubby tackled another portion of the trek, but i did do the trek and i taught myself the most important lesson on that trek………. belief in myself.

So on the 6th January 2017 we crossed off another of my husband’s bucketlist items- Machu Picchu.

On that day i stood there breathing in the fresh Peruvian mountain air, and i thanked god that i had the opportunity to stand a Machu Picchu, the site of Inca Kings, with the man i loved and who loved me right back.

My next post will showcase the splendour of this amazing place and will write about our private guided tour with a guide who was actually called Joy.


One thought on “Day 8- The answer to “why South America?”

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  1. If people ever ask me “why this particular destination?” I always say “why not?”
    I am open minded, interested in new things and if I have not been there yet, it’s a good enough reason for me to go and see what it’s all about.

    I am curious what you will have to say about Machu Picchu (was there a few months ago) and Santiago/ Chile. I will be going there next month.


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