Day 7- Aguas Callientes, (aka the little town of Machu Picchu)


Thursday 5th January 2017.

Today Michael and i arrived separately (via the Vista Dome Trains) to the little town at the foot of machu picchu mountain.

Named after the hot water springs that bubble down, fed by The Urubamba River , Aguis Callintes  is a small little town full of tourists rushing about in the rain.


With January being officially part of the “rainy season”, being true to its name, the rains were plentiful- but we were prepared, what with Michael with his normal Kathmandu waterproof jacket and me in my new warm jacket that we bought in Cusco and topped with an ugly plastic poncho ( an item plentiful at the markets and at every street corner in Peru).


The train trip from Sacred Valley train station to Aguas Callintes train station took around one and a half hours, as the train rolled through the stunning mountainside, flanking the river as it went.


As Michael had pre-booked his train journey as part of the trek that he had hoped to do, he was picked up really early and joined a group of around 6 who had planned to make the 5 hour trek over the mountain to the sun-gate. With his altitude sickness taking away from preparation time in the lead up to today, he reluctantly agreed ( promised me) that he would not get off at the trek stop and would continue on to the end train stop- to the town of Aguas Callintes.  (I had been very concerned about his asthma, his bad sinus’ and his massive headaches and was worried he would attempt the trek and bite off more than he could chew.)

So reluctantly, he stayed on the train to the main train station whilst the rest of the group started on what would end up being an 8 hour trek to sun-gate.

I on the other hand, departed Sacred Valley on my vista-dome train at 10.45am. While i travelled, Michael arrived and had a look around for our hotel, and checked out the entire town ( it isn’t big– so he knew exactly where everything was, when i arrived.)

Together then, we wandered through the many market stalls, we watched the children play with the squashed bottles sliding down the rainy cobblestoned paths, we checked out the main square, saw all the statues and took our photos in front of the main square decorated with lovely christmas trees made from sprite bottles.




After wandering around the town for 30 minutes, we headed to the hotel to officially check in. (Michael had already dropped his backpack around 3 hours earlier and i had dropped mine off 30 minutes earlier).

Once again, Nicole had booked us into Casa Andina Collection hotel. This one was nestled between the railway line and the river. Our room on the third floor had beautiful views of the river from our window, as did the restaurant where we had our breakfast each morning for the two nights we would be staying there.


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3 thoughts on “Day 7- Aguas Callientes, (aka the little town of Machu Picchu)

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  1. I was in Peru a few months ago and wrote about it as well. I recognized many locations on your pictures. Brought back some really good memories, since this was such a wonderful trip.
    Are you just doing Peru or another country as well?


    1. We visited Chile ( my first posts) and Mexico ( still to be blogged about). Our trip was wonderful too


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