Day 6- That one day when you wished time stood still


Wednesday 4th January 2017 was one of those rare days when you just wished time would stand still so you could just stop and appreciate life!

My travel diary noted today that Nicole our travel agent had officially outdone herself!

Whilst we had been impressed with Nicole’s suggestions in both Santiago and Cusco, Sacred Valley in Peru was noted in my travel diary as  “Simply opulent”.

If heaven really existed, it was here….. Hammocks in the garden, surrounded by mountains, fresh mountain air, balconies off our bedroom, devine food ( grilled salad with mango), and the warmth of an open wood fire at night.


It was such a shame that we had less than a day here in heaven.

Sacred Valley was at 2900 metres above sea-level, a decent from the 3,400 metres we had struggled at, so we were finally starting to feel a little better. Staying here for a few days would have been stunning.

But unfortunately time in heaven was limited….. we didn’t arrive until late afternoon, and we were transferring to the small town just below Machu Picchu REALLY REALLY early the next morning.

Michael had to set his alarm for the wee hours in the morning, as he was going to be travelling on the hiker’s train, whilst i would be picked up separately mid-morning to take the transfer to the train station….. so i got up a tiny bit earlier, went to breakfast and soaked up the atmosphere here. So i enjoyed my favourite travel breakfast of toast with strawberry jam, fruit juice and then a coffee…. and then my transfer arrived and i had to say goodbye to Sacred Valley and crossed my fingers to see if Nicole could surprise us some more.




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