Day 6- On the road to heaven


Wed 4th January 2017- Today we left our main luggage at Casa Andina Cusco and headed off with only a back pack each, to heaven…. Casa Andina Private Collection- Sacred Valley.

Our first stop on the bus transfer was Pisac- were we visited a hilltop Incan citadel with ancient temples, plazas and the Intihuatana, (a stone structure thought to have been a sundial).

After we wandered around, and Michael took up the challenge of climbing to the highest tower, we headed back into the bus and were taken to our second stop- a local market, where we purchased a beautiful artwork piece.

(A watercolour of Machu Picchu which now hangs in our staircase).

The third stop was in the picturesque Wayra Wasi Bar Restaurant at the Sonesta Hotel.

Whilst the tables inside looked very enticing, we chose to sit at the garden tables, eating a variety of Peruvian food. We were so happy we did, as two alpacas broke free from their handlers while we were out there. Talk about hysterical…………… watching the two alpacas running loose down pathways, through garden beds, while the staff in their suits chased after them.


After lunch, we headed to the home town of our tour guide Adrielle- Tambomchay  were we visited the ollantaytambo ruins- an original inca fortress built on top of a mountain. Adrielle insisted that everyone tackled the 246 stairs to the top, and the reward would be a view of the town surrounded by three mountains.


I felt a great achievement after scaling those 246 stairs, after being encouraged on by Michael and the others in our group, who all recognised my struggle with my general dislike of stairs and my fear of heights.

The reward for pushing through my fear, slowly and surely scaling each and every step was this…


After our descent, we headed back to the bus and headed to Heaven, after a gruelling day of climbing mountains……. Casa Andina Private Collection, Valle Sagrado ( Sacred Valley).

Be sure to check out my next post, as i show you what heaven looks like!


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