Day 5- Who has time to rest??? The things you miss when you follow the rules.

15826463_10154849097492354_7214000697300076971_nAfter walking around the town of Cusco, looking at lots of original Inca walls that lined the town, the bus finally picked us up and took us to see some of the archaeological ruins.

We should have known that would involve more walls!

Luckily there were a few other things to look at along the way, a statue here and there, a spot of shopping and a classic photo opportunity that only cost a couple of peso:


My favourite photo from Peru

The views, and the lama stop-over more than made up for the fact that the guide harped on ALOT about those walls…. how nobody really knew how they got there, how on earth they moved the stones as they were so heavy, it was all a mystery, how those walls still remained upright in the face of earthquakes and over the test of time…….

After a full day of wall gazing, the tour bus finally headed back to Cusco and they dropped us off at the Central Plaza… about three blocks from our hotel.

We then rushed back to the hotel to meet with our next guide who would update Michael about his upcoming trek in two days time (if he was well enough).

After we met with the trek guide, we ordered another round of Chicken Noodle soup, and drank more coca tea ( a natural remedy that had been given to us throughout the day on the bus) and headed back to our room to rest.

Being out and about all day, breathing in the air made me feel a little better, but Michael, once we stopped the rush of the day’s activities, seemed to decline further. Having asthma, and really bad sinus made it more difficult for him to adjust to the altitude than it did for me, and his headaches and feeling dizzy returned.

I ventured out alone after dinner, with directions given to me from the front desk to the nearest pharmacy to purchase REAL medicine, and i returned and drugged up my hubby and we had yet another early night.

Tomorrow would be another day ………….but this time, to salvation………… as we would be heading down from 34oo m above sea level to around 2900 m above sea-level height, which would help remove the altitude issues that made things a little difficult.

Don’t forget to sign on to hear about our trip to the beautiful Sacred Valley in my next post.



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