Day 4-We may have been late arriving, but the upgrade made up for it


Casa Andina Private Collection, Cusco- at nightfall

Our original itinerary had planned for us to arrive in Cusco around lunchtime on the 2nd January, and the plan of attack was to rest and acclimatise.  But with the airline stuffing us around with the luggage debacle ( see my last post) arrival at the hotel came closer to 6pm, as night fell.

The loss of acclimatising time would prove to be problematic in the end for us, but upon arrival at Casa Andina,  we were met by our trip co-ordinator from Chimu Adventures (Larry) who advised us that we had been given an upgrade of room. Nice start to Peru.

Larry went through the planned events that we would undertake for the next 5 days, he suggested we take light meals and drink plenty of water and the herbal leaf tea for the sickness and we sat there and nodded politely- our heads all clagged up, feeling light headed, breathing unusually and feeling nauseous.

Feeling very unwell, we took up his offer of room service ( chicken noodle soup) and we headed off down the stunning hallways of the sixteenth century mansion ….in search of our room.

We past beautiful lounges and dining rooms, past the outdoor entertainment areas in this stunning castle-like building until we found our room.

The hotel room was magnificent- very reminiscent of the cave room in Santorini.  White rendered walls, bright colourful couches, astek rugs graced the floor and the windows. We entered the room via a small dining area, and then head upstairs to a HUGE king size bed. From the bedroom you could go up another flight of stairs to a dressing area where you could store your clothing or you could go down a flight of stairs and enter the bathroom.


Once again Nicole, from Destination HQ in Black Rock had outdone herself. That’s two hotels on our trip so far, and both were spectacular!

Exhausted from our early flight, light headed and feeling weird from the effects of Altitude Sickness we called it an early night at around 7.30pm. We thought getting a good night’s rest would put it in good stead to make the planned day tour tomorrow, that would show us around this beautiful city.

So lights out, fingers crossed, a cuddle, a “Welcome to Peru”kiss and then sleep.

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