Day 2- New Year’s Eve- never like this before….


31/12- Seeing in the New Year in a different country is a feast for the eyes, the ears and all the senses-  and it is something i would encourage everyone to try, at least once in their lifetime.

For many many years we have spent New Year’s Eve with our family and friends, enjoying the traditional BBQ in the back yard with a few drinks. But this year we saw in the birth of 2017 on the streets of Santiago Chile, with around 5000+ others.

After enjoying our OVER budget dinner date at the Ball ( see my last post for details of that lesson in currency) we joined the street party with just 15 minutes to spare until the clock ticked over midnight.

On the crowded streets, we found people celebrating with coloured wigs, flashing mouse ears, masks and funny hats, so the accessories we were given at the Ball fit in really well.


On the street, as the clock ticked closer to midnight, the sky was filled with glowing lanterns,  slowing floating up into the night. (I always thought i would have to go to somewhere like Thailand to see that type of thing.)

2017-01-01-10-02-36 lights

Then, as the clock ticked even closer, the crowd started to chant… chi chi chile  ( just like they do at the Australian Open Tennis).

As midnight clicked over, the atmosphere exploded along with the fireworks. Cheers, kisses, the huge party poppers everyone purchased from the street stalls exploded glitter and confetti everywhere, cans of silly string sprayed high into the air and cans of fake snow soaked the crowd.


We had never experienced anything like New Year’s Eve in Chile. The Fireworks went on for about 30 minutes and the party went on long long after we retired for the night.

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