Day 2- New Year’s Eve- Checking out Santiago on the Hop On/Hop Off Bus.


31st December 2016- Morning Antics- Nicole, our wonderful travel agent from destination HQ in Black Rock, arranged for us to check out all the tourist sites on the Hop On/Hop Off bus on our second day in Chile.

We started the trip by walking from our hotel to the main square at Plaza De Armas.


There we found the Turistik Bus reps in the main square- and after giving them our pre-paid receipt they directed to the main office (a couple of blocks away) to get our arm bands, maps and head phones. Armed with all the necessities, we headed back to the Plaza and boarded the bus.

After taking our seats on the top deck of the bus, we headed out in search of adventure….. our first stop was Santa Lucia Hill.


A beautiful little church, on top of a hill. Views from the top were fantastic

Our second stop on the bus circuit was – Mall Parque Arauco ( a DFO type precinct). Here we hit the shops, purchased some desiqual handbags, we ate at TGI Fridays, and used their free wifi to work out currency conversions ( AUD to Chilean peso) so we could work out a bargain or a rip off.

Our third stop on the Hop on/Hop off bus was San Christobel Hill- where the Santiago Zoo, the Funicular and the Gondolas could all be found. As we were on limited time ( 6pm stop for the bus service) we opted out of the zoo- but we did take the funicular train to the top of the hill and then we took a gondola ride across the mountain and then back down again.


At the top of San Christobel’s hill stands a huge statue of San Christobel, and beside it, unfortunately was a huge telecom tower- encroaching on every photo you attempted to take of the great statue. What a shame!


San Christobel was the last stop we got to investigate on our day trip around Santiago, as time was playing against us, and the clock had already edged close to 5.30pm. We managed to get back onto the bus and travelled closer to our hotel when the clock hit 6pm and everything screamed to a halt. Everyone off! We’re now officially closed.

Luckily we had timed to be close to our hotel and in recognition of our bearings.

So we wandered back to the hotel, we checked out the street stalls next to the hotel and purchased little gifts for my sisters and my son’s girlfriend, and then we headed back to our hotel to rest before the night’s big event- New Year’s Eve- The Black & White Ball at the Bristol Bar at Plaza San Francisco. The Ball that i booked us two seats on a table for 10 prior to coming to Santiago and attempted to pay for upon arrival, at breakfast that morning and on our arrival back at 6pm. ( to no avail)  yes, we have your booking, you can pay afterwards etc etc….. But that is another interesting story for my NEXT post.


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