Day 1- 30/12/16-We’ve arrived (and learned our first Lesson in a new country.)



After a quick sleep to renew our  energy, we ventured out into the street again, in search of dinner.

What we should have done prior to this, was stopped and thought about exchanging our USD currency to the local Chilean Peso-but alas, off we went, totally unprepared for the opportunities that awaited us.

We wandered through the markets, damn…. they don’t take USD.

We wandered some more, and found ourselves down a large open street, lined with beautiful trees and water fountains. Around us, people were walking their tiny little dogs, kids played on small roller scooters with light up wheels and the fairy floss seller ( on a converted bike) sold his yummy treats.


It was on this street, that we found an Italian style Pizza & Pepsi restaurant, with a waiter who spoke very limited english and who accepted Visa Card. We were in luck, or so we thought.

Those around us were feasting on pizza with HUGE steins of beers. It was easy to spot the tourist… there we were, with tiny bottles of beer and a piso sour ( oops, we asked for the wrong thing- we should have pointed), a glass of wine and pizza with olives all over it.

And then our lesson was truly learned………. suddenly the quiet of the night was shattered by bongo drums, maracas, and stomping feet as a young girl started swirling her huge flamenco styled skirt around, dancing around all the tables. Her skirt flowing and cascading around to the slow tempo beat.

And then she cast off the long flowing skirt to reveal a short skirt and then she started violently shaking and moving to the faster salsa tempo.  Twisting, vibrating her whole body.

And there we were, without a single peso, so no money to offer as a donation meant the camera was firmly kept in the bag! The hardest lesson of all- with no money comes no chance of capturing this impromptu performance.

There was i, in Latin America, witnessing a real Latin American Dance performance, and my hands had to be held firmly under my legs. No photos!!!!!  I just sat there and thought, commit this to memory, commit this to memory………… this is such a rare opportunity that i was so excited to witness. Feel Blessed for this moment.

After the three locals completed there performance, we finished our meal and headed back to the hotel where we finished the night watching CSI shows in Spanish.

We vowed to check with the concierge the next morning to find out where we would be able to get some Chilean Pesos so future opportunities would NOT be missed.

What a great first day of holidays!




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